Viewing spot in Gamla Vesturbær

Viewing spot in Gamla Vesturbær

Hvað viltu láta gera? Reykjavík is a beautiful town that deserve to be seen from above in other locations than Harpa, Hallgrimskirkja, or Perlan. The best spot would be the rooftop of the facing the Catholic Church in Landakot, or even the one of Stýrimannaskóli. Make it free of charge to begin with and once it start to be known, set up a small fee of 500 ISK per person, to support whichever cause worth supporting (could be for the hospital, rescue teams, tourist site protection fund, or Landvernd) Optional cool thing 1: It is the opportunity to hang few pictures and maps on the history of architecture in Iceland, with different generations of buildings as you walk up the stairs: Turf houses and churches, wooden danish style buildings, corrugated iron houses, concrete houses, bauhaus-inspired things, and few iconic buildings to finish with (all the stuff from Guðjón Samúelson, etc.). This is also about valuing Iceland's cultural heritage. Optional cool thing 2: Think about having an augmented reality headset (or fixed viewing devices) from up there and being able to go back in time and see how Reykjavik looked like back in time? Wouldn't that be cool??? Earlier stages being the turf longhouse attributed to Ingólfur Árnason (10th Century) and surrounding wall, then the 18th centruy Reykavík, early 20th century, mid-20th. Not only we could see the changes in buildings styles and location, but also the canal and coastline changing as Reykjavik expanded. Then you could have fun and also put how Reykjavik might look like in the future: Super high tech town, green city, sea level rise, back to stone age, etc Of course, if you wanna go for these extra steps, the price would no longer be 500 ISK, but let's keep it free for kids anyway. Hvers vegna viltu láta gera það? The view is probably great from up there. This would create a new attraction in town for everyone to enjoy. That would be perfect to see all of Gamla Vesturbær, the Old Harbour, the Catholic Church, Tjörnin, Hallgrimskirkja, and the rest of Reykjavik. It will also be a perfect stop for guided walks, and will contribute to consolidate Reykjavik's reputation as a destination. It is the opportunity to make a tribute to the history, architecture, and cultural heritage of Reykjavik. It can also contribute indirectly to raise awareness about living habits, urbanization processes, climate change, anthropogenic pressure on the environment, the importance of green areas in town and the proximity of nature, etc. Just get up there on a good day or use a drone and you will understand why this would be awesome.


Fagteymi sérfræðinga á umhverfis- og skipulagssviði hefur metið þessa hugmynd. Hugmyndin er ekki tæk til kosningar í verkefninu Hverfið mitt 2019 þar sem verkefni hugmyndarinnar er ekki innan verkefna eða valdheimilda Reykjavíkurborgar eða ekki á borgarlandi. Hér má sjá lista yfir þær hugmyndir sem verða til kosninga í verkefninu Hverfið mitt þann 31. október - 14. nóvember nk. Í kosningunni getur þú stjörnumerkt þína uppáhalds hugmynd og gefið henni þannig tvöfalt vægi

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