In order to make cultural events accessible to people, one must take into consideration how people come and go from an event and whether they feel safe . To some, leaving an event when it's late, after dark and public transport has ended is an uncomfortable situation and might lead to simply avoiding attending or feeling unsafe while going home. Not everyone has the funds to use taxi services and I therefore suggest that public transportation is taken into consideration when discussing accessibility within culture. Furthermore, sufficient public transportation is a way to decentralise cultural events.


Good idea! Sustainable, safe and affordable transportation to cultural is a necessity.


To many upcoming cultural spaces, especially those that aim for a younger demographic, having good public transportation access is a make or break for the project just in terms of attendance. Safety is also a key issue and. Let's not forget that just a few years ago a young woman walking home from the downtown was kidnapped and brutally murdered by two men. If safe (safe also means reliable) public transport is not on the agenda then we would be ignoring our hardest lessons

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