A still "secret" solution to world's common problem - why not start in Reykjavik

A still "secret" solution to world's common problem - why not start in Reykjavik

Science#2, the humanities, controls how the science#1 of nature and the technology it allows are applied. It makes use of science#0, art, to convince people of it sumptuous general solutions and pre-trans-traps INDIVIDUAL UNDERSTANDING which precedes or transcends it. The results are EVERYWHERE closed, self-destructive systems#2 which we know. If we want a SOLUTION before finally globalizing such self-destructive system#2, SCIENCE#3 needs to be introduced which aims at LIFEFULFILLING PLATFORMS.


We can argue and claim that we are well informed too on that or study the results towards the life of as many as possible. Without that NEW measure stick all other convictions, religion’s in any sense and opinions are worthless and even dangerous. They can destroy lifelong friendships or make the Timely Exchange of Project Orientated Competence obsolete. But finally there is only the choice between an Option I or Option II and the decision for YOU – the hopefully interested reader.

Vinsamlega skrifa á íslensku. Þ.e ef þetta bull væri þýtt myndi það hverfa fljótlega

Without a critical number of real people being response-able for their personal e-motions in terms of proper science, society evolves along eight "classical" temptations of the basic possible e-motions towards mono-political madness we all know abundantly. If you did not know this – it’s really not your fault! This is in the Option I world basically unchanged since Antiquity, despite the incredible technological progress and also the people pointing to that. It’s not merely your fault to not know about, but you are responsible for your ignorance of new insights. With it's actual history Reykjavik could be a fine place to start practically with some new and fundamental insights into HUMAN SYSTEMS. So the way out of Option I requires a critical number of real people to take responsibility for their type of emotional structure. This means giving up the mono-political madness that we should all be treated in terms of the same rights and duties. In business it is understood that the key for success is a unique selling proposition based on core competence. Who would be interested - first on a serious scientific level and than also in practical applications or competition to proof "right" or "wrong" - to study and further develop a new scientific approach towards HUMAN UNDERSTANDING. The thesis is: Humans ARE and HAVE a functional principle that can be modeled and understood. This is prerequisite for any serious and lasting change in our thinking about how WORLD is or should be. After crisis Reykjavik and it's people are the hope for many others in the world and the way you went needs to be reinforced and justified.

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